Benefits of online payments


Currently, we are more and more willing to shop online. The pandemic and restrictions in connection with the introduced safety rules significantly increased the interest in online shopping. Still, the online payment system raises a lot of controversy and concerns about the security of transactions.

Online shopping and statistics

GUS data shows that 76% of households have the Internet at home and use it for online shopping. However, the researchers emphasized that less than half of this group pay for purchases via an online connection, but in cash. Meanwhile, online payments have many advantages.

Advantages of online payment

  1. Immediate transfer The

money is almost at the same time on the seller’s account when the transaction is made. This starts the order fulfillment process.

  1. Fully automated process

Transferring the online payment system is now fully automated and the payment form is completed by the system. This eliminates the risk of making a mistake while entering the data for the transfer.

  1. Simple and safe.

You just need to log in to the bank and enter the code confirming the transfer to make the payment. The system will complete the transaction itself and log out of the bank. Our finances are therefore completely safe.

  1. Payment without leaving home

This method of payment eliminates the need to go to an ATM to withdraw cash or stand in a queue at the bank. So it saves valuable time.

  1. Possibility to pick up the parcel by a neighbor

In the case of an ordered and paid parcel, it is possible to collect the parcel, eg by a neighbor. It’s a convenient and simple solution.

Payment cards and cash are still one of the most popular methods of payment, but it is worth changing some habits and paying for online purchases through online payments. Banks are constantly expanding the field of paying fees. You can introduce a system of recurring payments for electricity, gas and telephone in the banking system, thanks to which you do not have to remember about payments yourself. It also eliminates the need to fill out forms and paper invoices.



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