How the coronavirus pandemic affected the activities of microentrepreneurs


Running your own business is the only way of life for many people. Unfortunately, there are various situations that prevent the proper functioning of the company, such as the current situation related to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a very big challenge for companies, especially small ones.

Coronavirus and company finances

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic leads to bankruptcy of more and more companies, where monthly income is usually not high. At the same time, it made it impossible to postpone larger savings. Companies that were not doing well also have a big problem. Due to the low income of micro-enterprises, the savings turn out to be insignificant.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies remain closed ortheir activities are very limited. A lot of small workplaces, such as ha=irdressing salons, beauty salons, clothing stores, will be closed in the near future due to financial reasons.

Is firing employees the only option?

Job cuts automatically reduce monthly expenses, so many entrepreneurs think the only option is to lay off workers.

The government anticipated such a situation and introduced, inter alia, exemption from paying ZUS contributions, which is also aimed at reducing monthly expenses and at the same time protecting employees from losing their job.

Unfortunately, not all micro-entrepreneurs are favorable to this type of solutions and terminate contracts with employees for fear of falling into increasing debts.

Loan as an aid In

addition to the above-mentioned aid, the microenterprise can also use a loan offered by the government. It is also a great chance to survive this very difficult time.

The loan is granted once at a low interest rate. More importantly, in the future, the microenterprise may be partially released from paying it back, provided that it runs business for three months after receiving the loan.

Considering the gradual reduction of restrictions, the prospect of applying for a loan is a good solution. Thanks to this aid, many companies will have a chance to survive on the market, and will also be able to apply for the cancellation of part of the loan.


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