How to get a haircut at home? We recommend hair clippers


If you are wondering which hair clipper will be the best to embrace your hairstyle at home, we have some tips and models for you from various price points. We believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for among them.

Of course, there is no one good answer to the question of which hair clipper will be the optimal choice. It all depends on your budget and what your requirements really are. In compiling this ranking, we tried to make sure that everyone can find something for themselves – regardless of whether you just want to shorten your hair and are looking for a cheap device for this purpose, or your requirements are much greater and you are willing to pay accordingly more for this quality.

Good hair clipper. What does that even mean?
The best hair clippers allow for precise selection of the length of the cut, are equipped with self-sharpening blades and offer high efficiency, so that cutting hair at home takes only a minute. They also have ergonomic handles and accessories, thanks to which you are able to get exactly the hairstyle you dream (or also: what you are used to).

These are the elements we paid attention to when choosing the best razors. We focused mainly on wireless models, because using them is much more convenient. Of course, in this case it is important that the working time is sufficiently long – preferably not less than 60 minutes. It may still not seem like much, but it is more than enough for one (and with practice even two) haircuts.

In our list you will also find razors that will not only shorten the hair on your head, but also shave off your beard and mustache (and the model from Braun, which tops the ranking, allows even more). It’s a practical solution, but you have to pay extra for it.

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Power type

First, let’s look at the type of power supply. In stores, you can buy battery-operated hair clippers, mains-operated hair clippers and a combination of these two solutions – battery-corded hair clippers. What is going on?

The specificity of these solutions seems logical, but for the sake of order it is worth briefly explaining the differences between the different types of clippers. The rechargeable hair trimmer works cordlessly – it does not need a cable to work. Of course, after some time, the device will discharge and then it should be connected to a power source. Different models have different working times – some work 40 minutes, others even up to 100 minutes.

Network machines are those that simply work “on the cable”. There is no battery here. Such a hair clipper must be connected to the electricity in order to cut. This type of razor is stable, but the cable can be a bit of a hassle. Nobody wants to trip over him and wriggle the eagle.

Cordless hair clippers are a practical and universal solution. In this case, the razor can work on the cable, but you can also unplug it and move freely around the house or living room – until the battery is discharged.

Haircut length

Another issue concerns the length of the haircut. Each clipper allows you to set several cutting lengths. The cheaper models only have a few options – the more expensive, more professional ones will offer multiple levels to choose from.

When choosing your best hair clipper, pay attention to how the cutting length is set. Usually, the device comes with a universal cap, on which you set the desired length (e.g. using a knob). It may also happen that you will need to change the comb every time you want to change the cutting length, or the razor will come with two combs with different lengths. Check it out!

The razors also differ in the width of the blade. The most optimal solution are blades with a width of 30mm-45mm. This hair clipper will be the most convenient for you to cut

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