How to protect savings against inflation?


In the current situation, many readers wonder whether it is safe to keep large funds in a bank deposit. With such people in mind, we have prepared an interesting investment proposal. It provides a fair profit in difficult times and the protection of savings outside the shaky banking and financial system.

Coronavirus problems are an opportunity for cheap shopping 

The aforementioned protection of savings against inflation is possible thanks to the crowdfunding project Mzuri Patience Tenements. This unusual name is associated with the specificity of the proposed investment. It is prepared by the Mzuri CFI brand, which already has successful investment projects and has so far acquired more than PLN 50 million from investors. People interested in broadly understood real estate may have good associations with the Mzuri brand. “Thecompanies belonging to this group, in addition to joint investment in the housing market, also offer rental management and individual investment advice on the real estate market,” says Magdalena Markiewicz, expert of the Nieruchomoś portal.

Experienced investors preparing the Cierpkowe Kamienice project believe that the current situation is a good opportunity for cheap purchase of the so-called difficult tenement houses. These are buildings that are often well located, but at the same time problematic due to troublesome tenants and / or poor technical condition. The strategy of Mzuri CFI provides for a bargain purchase of such tenement houses by a group of investors operating under the Mzuri CFI Patient Tenement House and a subsequent increase in the value of the investment. Mzuri experts assume that by implementing one of the two strategies, it will be possible to achieve a profit of at least 50% within 5 years. Savings protection will therefore be combined with a high profit rate. “Achieving good results is to be supported by the low purchase price of tenement houses (at least 25% below market rates) and a well-chosen investment strategy. It will consist in preparing a building for developers or transforming a tenement house into a profitable building for rent,“explains Magdalena Markiewicz, an expert of the Nieruchomoś portal. The

basis will be securing the property. 

Projects such as Mzuri Pat result tenements are interesting because they make the investor independent of possible market problems capital and banking. The overwhelming majority of the capital raised by investors will be secured by entries in the land and mortgage registers of purchased real estate. Such protection of savings seems to be the most reliable solution. What’s more, the crowdfunding company (Mzuri CFI Patient Tenements) will not incur large liabilities, and will not invest money in securities. The investment strategy, which was included in the articles of association, does not provide for the provision of guarantees and sureties. “To change the investment strategy, we will need the consent of individual investors. Their representatives together with investment specialists willmembers of the supervisory board of the crowdfunding company“- emphasizes Magdalena Markiewicz, expert of the Nieruchomoś portal.

becomeJoining the Mzuri Cierpledz Kamienice investment project will be possible no later than June 30, 2020. Importantly, no need to contribute high capital was foreseen. Only PLN 10,000 is enough for the investment. Wealthier investors can deposit a much larger sum.“Justas in the case of other projects which assume collective investment in real estate (crowdfunding / crowdinvesting), the investor has the ability to recover previous capital through resale or redemption ofshares”- recalls Magdalena Markiewicz, an expert portal

to choose from, there are other projectsjoint investments 

toBy the end of April 2020, the Mzuri Cierpledz Kamienice investment project attracted the interest of many investors who had already paid in about PLN 1.3 million. It is worth knowing that such people can also choose from two other investment options together with Mzuri CFI. We are talking about the Mzuri CFI Flipping Beta and Mzuri CFI Portfel Mieszkań projects. The first investment proposal assumes a profit of 30% – 50% in the next 3 years thanks to the skilful use of flipping of apartments and townhouses. The strategy of Mzuri CFI Portfel Mieszkań will be based on a stable profit from the rental of over 80 apartments. People participating in this investment project will earn about 6% per year. “It is worth emphasizing that the protection of savings under the companies Mzuri CFI Flipping Beta and Mzuri CFI Portfolio of Apartments is similar to the one provided by the Mzuri Patronous Tenement House project” – summarizes Magdalena Markiewicz, portal expert


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