Impact of the pandemic on unemployment

The coronavirus pandemic has a huge impact on everyone’s present lives. Undoubtedly, the changes caused by the epidemic are not only temporary. They can be permanent or have a long-lasting effect on many areas of life. One of the most severe effects we may face is a significant increase in unemployment. We will provide more information on this in the following text. 

Unemployment – who does it affect?

Many companies have been forced to suspend their activities, therefore it has been common practice to cut jobs, aimed at reducing the expenses of entrepreneurs. The research of many economists shows that due to the pandemic, about 600,000 jobs could have been lost. people. The calculations of many experts also show that unemployment in Poland may affect up to 10% of the country’s population. So there is no doubt that the Polish economy will suffer significantly from the pandemic. In addition, people who lose their jobs due to the coronavirus are most often among the groups with the most difficult situation. These are, for example, people with lower education, less qualified workers, casual and seasonal workers, women with children, or young workers without experience.

Consequences of rising unemployment

Consequently, the poverty rate, which is closely related to unemployment, will increase significantly. In addition, the epidemic situation also contributes to increasing social disparities. Currently, there is a growing line between professions requiring manual work and those in which work can be done remotely from home. The second group includes occupations that usually require higher qualifications and education. However, it seems optimistic that the effects of the pandemic should be felt by 2023 at the latest. After this time, the situation should completely normalize, many experts report.


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