It is not only financial results that count. The

ace of business in Poland is changing. Until recently, entrepreneurs made decisions based only on the amount of profits or costs associated with a specific activity. Today, apart from the financial balance, what counts is the satisfaction and loyalty of employees, the perception of the company by customers, positive relations with the local community and ecology.

An efficient company

Thanks to the strong competition on the market, companies are constantly developing and improving. The products are of better and better quality, and the level of customer service is also improving. Most of the processes are standardized, which enables a uniform high level of production or service provision to be maintained. This is partly due to the increasingly popular ISO certification. Many enterprises implement the ISO 9001 standard, i.e. the quality management system. Comprehensive solutions combining quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management, i.e. integrated management systems, are also becoming more and more popular. The implementation of the system is a challenge for every company, because it requires an honest assessment of the current situation, rethinking the operating system and setting specific, realistic, but also ambitious goals. The task is not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort. Companies that use an integrated management system increase operational efficiency while improving relations inside and outside the organization. See what international standards are included in the integrated audit.

Sharing knowledge

More and more companies are launching educational initiatives aimed at the local community. An example is the MPO company from BiaƂystok, which conducts classes for children and teenagers on ecology. In addition to multimedia presentations on the care of the environment, the organization also announces contests on such topics. Another way to share knowledge and experience is to visit production plants. Thanks to such trips, the youngest can find out, for example, what are the stages of creating a book. After such classes, reading books will be much more attractive.


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